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Carbon 101

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Carbon 101: What is a carbon credit?

  • Through the process of photosynthesis, trees utilize sunlight, water, and carbon dioxide (CO2) to create oxygen and sugar as they grow. During this process, CO2 is stored as carbon and can be defined as carbon sequestration.

  • Forests are an essential part of the global carbon cycle and absorb approximately 30% of annual greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and hold more carbon than is contained in the atmosphere. Keeping the carbon already in forests out of the atmosphere and enabling forests to take more carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere, are important parts of the strategy to combat climate change.

  • Carbon credits or Verified Carbon Units (VCUs) are created when activities that would normally generate a carbon source (e.g., harvesting) are reduced or halted to produce a carbon sink, which stores sequestered carbon within the tree for the remaining life of the tree.

  • 1 VCU is approximately the equivalent to 1 metric tonne of CO2 sequestered within a tree.





Nature-based Carbon Solutions

  • All forest carbon projects must demonstrate additionality to be eligible for creating carbon credits. Carbon projects are additional when activities initiated exclusively through the carbon project are beyond common practice standard operations. Deferring harvest in the carbon initiative area demonstrates Mosaic’s additionality and generates carbon credits accordingly.

  • Mosaic’s nature-based carbon initiative consists of charismatic features truly unique to BigCoast Forest, such as:

    • Key drinking watersheds

    • Group project opportunities

    • Socially sensitive harvest areas

    • United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

    • Old forest retention

Photo: Salish Eye Productions

Voluntary Carbon Credits

  • The voluntary carbon market enables companies and individuals to purchase carbon offsets to voluntarily offset their regular emissions. The voluntary market is playing an increasing role to achieve global climate commitments.

  • The BigCoast Forest Initiative has been registered under the Verra Registry, which requires rigorous compliance with Verra’s standards.

  • Compliance to the Verra Registry includes third-party project audit, validation and verification approval, stakeholder engagement, public comment periods, continuous monitoring of the initiative area and baseline, and other rigorous review procedures of the carbon initiative documents.

Frequently Asked Questions

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