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The BigCoast Forest Climate Initiative is a carbon crediting opportunity like no other — a detailed forest management plan focused on the charismatic forestland of Coastal British Columbia, Canada.

By committing managed forests into conserved ecological areas, we increase carbon retention and reduce greenhouse gases (GHGs). 

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Location: Canada — Coastal British Columbia

Project Type: Improved Forest Management (IFM)

Standard/Methodology: Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) VM0012

GHG Emission Reduction: Over 20 million metric tonnes CO2e 


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Key Facts

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What the BigCoast Forest does.

The BigCoast Forest Climate Initiative defers the harvesting of 40,000 hectares (100,000 acres) of private land in Coastal British Columbia for 25 years and potentially longer.​ By converting working forests into project lands, we will increase carbon storage and avoid future GHG emissions from logging operations across an area featuring some of British Columbia's oldest trees and important ecosystems. The BigCoast Forest Climate Initiative reduces greenhouse gas emissions by more than 20 million tonnes of carbon dioxide over the life of the initiative. It contributes to the broader regional ecosystem, which is home to bear, elk, salmon, orca and more.

Tree of Life.

For Coastal First Nations, the western red cedar, known as the “tree of life” because of its medicinal and practical uses, is one of the most culturally rich and vital trees in the Pacific Northwest.

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The BigCoast Forest Climate Initiative directly contributes to the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals of the 2030 Agenda For Sustainable Development. Specifically, implementation of the carbon crediting project directly contributes to Sustainable Development Goals: 

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17 aquatic stewardship projects
within the project area funded, from 2018 to 2021

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Corporate Sustainability Progress Reports
published annually, ensuring adoption of sustainable practices by large and transnational companies

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650,000 tonnes of CO  e
reduced on average per year

BigCoast Forest E-WEB-Goal-14.png

17 anadromous fish stewardship projects
within the project area funded, from 2018 to 2021

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100% Sustainable Forestry Initiative   Certification
for all forestlands in the project



British Columbia, Canada

Project Area with select projects shown

Click on each site for detailed view

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Extending the Initiative

A portion of the revenue will enable cultural and scientific research through the
Indigenous Protected and Conserved Areas (IPCA) Innovation Program and the Pacific Salmon Foundation.

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This unique conservation initiative is available through carbon credits generated from the conservation of old forest habitats on private timberlands of Coastal British Columbia encompassed by the BigCoast Forest Climate Initiative. The premium carbon credits from the BigCoast Forest Climate Initiative in British Columbia, Canada can be a part of your strategy to reduce your organization’s carbon and environmental footprints. 

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Contact us to learn more about participating in this unique
and meaningful opportunity.  

Photo: Salish Eye Productions

Photo: Salish Eye Productions


Channel Partner


To submit inquiries and feedback through our implementation partner, Green-Raise, click here:

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Implementation Partner

Initiative Extension Participants

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